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“It’s not an experiment if you know It’s going to work” - Jeff Bezos

Ryan Grant is an entrepreneur, amazon seller and founder of Wifibrands. He started his amazon journey in 2014 at the age or 23 with his last $170 usd. In 2015 he came across private labeling on amazon because he noticed some sellers were selling their own products. Over the span of 9 years he grew his amazon sales to over 50 million usd. This gave him the opportunity to actively keep growing and receive multiple offers from amazon aggregators to buy his brands for multiple millions. Ryan has helped many others to start their own amazon brands while he continued his amazon journey.

Wifibrands was created to share the knowledge Ryan has on amazon without the unnecessary fluff and provide top quality brand services each seller needs to scale their own brand. 

Starting an amazon private label business isn’t hard and shouldn't be confusing to a beginner at all.There is more room for aspiring entrepreneurs on the e-commerce marketplace to take advantage of the opportunity and create more amazing brands.


"Wifibrands is a consulting service for e-commerce brands".

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