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Contract & Agreement

This agreement is made by and between the subscriber of services offered by the Wifibrands, hereafter referred to as the ‘Client’ and the Wifibrands, hereafter referred to as the ‘Company’, of Miami Florida. Both parties have hereby agreed to the following terms and conditions outlined throughout this document.

The Company has invested thousands of hours cultivating the wealth of information made available to the Client in a comprehensive, easyto-understand format. This information has also been made available with the Client’s ease of use and convenience in mind in the form of an online platform which can be accessed remotely.

The Client acknowledges that such an experience and knowledge are valuable and recognizes such as the product of The Company and that The Company is entitled to just compensation for making this knowledge available to The Client. The Company and The Client agree that while the entire platform is being made available to The Client for his or her personal private use and access to course notes/ material, daily financial advice and live webinars are granted, permission is not granted to The Client to copy, sell, market, give away, distribute, publish, post, share, teach, or transfer any of the materials, templates, indicators, videos and/or any methods of using the platform to other parties, as doing so would cause damage to the Company in the form of loss of sales, exposing of The Company's private information and trade secrets and that such action would constitute a damage (tort) against the Company. The Client is also not permitted to download, use unauthorized software, share login information or login from multiple, unregistered devices, and acknowledges that undertaking any of these actions will result in an immediate suspension of services to investigate the infraction or banishment from the platform indefinitely.

Community Conduct

As a member of Wifibrands, you gain access to an online community of individuals which consist of the founder, those who are new to the site and its content and those who have utilized the content provided by The Company for a period of time. This community serves the purpose of bringing these individuals together to share in their experiences, learn from each other, answer any questions or concerns, to be updated on important and upcoming events and most of all, for a source of support from other members along their entrepreneurial journey. The community is governed by values and guidelines of morality, decency, respect, loyalty and integrity, ensuring all members treat each other fairly, with kindness and with respect, do not discourage or threaten each other and continually encourage each other in the community. The Client understands that a deviation from or violation of these values and guidelines as deemed by community administrators will result in an immediate ban from the community and prohibition of access to services provided and agrees to abide by these values and guidelines in order to be continually granted these privileges

By signing up on this website, the Client demonstrates an understanding of the details of the Terms and Conditions and as such, consents to not violating the aforementioned terms. By continuing, the Client also acknowledges that violation of these terms will result in immediate action in the form of discontinuation of all services provided by the Wifibrands.